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Research to Action (R2A) Communities of Practice

NDP and the Centre for Applied Disability Research (CADR) have partnered together to bring to you the Research to Action Communities of Practice. These ‘R2A Communities’ are online interactive groups. They are designed for disability practitioners and people with lived experience to contribute to ‘mobilising’ research knowledge, and advocating for positive change. By joining a Community of Practice, you will create new relationships, learn and develop skills, contribute to a Research to Action project for the purpose of prompting positive change and building new knowledge.

What are the topic areas?

  • Inclusive Research
  • The journey to employment for young people with disability
  • Working effectively with people with disability who have complex communication needs
  • Improving outcomes in supported accommodation

The groups run for about eight weeks. If you have an interest and experience with these topics, and would like to contribute around 20 minutes a week to online discussions with like-minded peers, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information. 

R2A Improving quality framework

Research to Action (R2A) Communities bridge the gap between what we know and what we do on topics of importance by:

  1. Reality testing: advising on the development of Research to Action Guides
  2. Gap analysis: working together to consider questions about the barriers and complications for evidence based practice in this area
  3. Knowledge mobilization: starting the conversation about improving outcomes using Research to Action resources and opportunities

Participation has a range of benefits:

  • Get access to the latest evidence on a topic of importance to your practice
  • Meet new people and share knowledge
  • Experience collaborative work online
  • Support your own personal and professional development

Benefits for your organisation:

  • New shared ideas and experiences
  • Find out about useful resources
  • Lead the conversation in your organisation about improving models of care and support
  • Contribute to the research mindedness and innovation in your organisation

Benefits and Impact for the broader community:

  • Help produce resources that will have a positive impact for people with disability
  • Participate in promoting better research and access to evidence
  • Assist advocacy for the right pricing, progressive policy settings

R2A Community