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Sustained High Performance - Managing mindset for better mental health

17 October 2018

To avoid mental strain and ensure a better mindset for not only performance but mental health, try implementing these tools in your day-to-day activities and notice the way you feel and the results you achieve as they become habit.

Plain English: Checklist for Documents and Forms

24 August 2018

This checklist offers a quick way to review a letter, leaflet, booklet, short report or form to see if it uses clear language and is easy to follow.

Plain English: Words and phrases to use

23 August 2018

When writing in Plain English, try to use everyday words as much as possible. In this fact sheet, you’ll find alternatives to common complicated words and long-winded phrases.

Steps and Tips for Writing in Plain English

22 August 2018

Here are some guidelines and steps you can follow to write documents that are easy to read and understand.

Writing in Plain English

21 August 2018

Disability service providers can use Plain English to produce documents that are easier for people to understand. Using Plain English when drafting emails, forms, reports, policies and procedures has many benefits.

Figuring Out the Disability Workforce

01 August 2018

Everyone knows that the disability workforce is growing quickly to meet the demands of the new National Disability Insurance Scheme. But is it quick enough for the additional demand anticipated under the Scheme? Is everyone working as a casual now, as some people predict? Or is job quality in the sector improving, since providers now need to step up to attract good workers?

2018-19 Federal Budget: what it might mean for you

05 June 2018

Wondering what the government might have in store for you over the next few years? This fact sheet gives you a snapshot of the 2018/19 Federal Budget proposals that could affect your super and retirement.

What is the Notifiable Data Breaches scheme?

19 March 2018

The Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme took effect from 22 February 2018. This fact sheet explains what it's about and how it affects agencies and organisations with obligations under the Privacy Act.

Guide to Medications for Seizures

12 January 2018

Antiepileptic drugs can cause a number of side-effects. However many people experience only a few, predominantly when they start the medication. This guide explains some unwanted effects and when you should call a doctor.

Medical Management of Epilepsy

11 January 2018

People with epilepsy have a number of choices when it comes to medication. This fact sheet discusses important information to keep in mind when taking epilepsy medication.