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Dylan Alcott’s Campaign To Remove Obstacles For People With Disability Finding Work

12 August 2019

Paralympian Dylan Alcott has started a campaign called ‘Remove the Barrier’ to increase employment opportunities for people with disability.

NDIS Review Launched To Speed Up Support Access For Participants

12 August 2019

The Australian Federal Government will be conducting a review on how the National Disability Insurance Scheme is currently operating, seeking new methods to reduce participant waiting periods for accessing the support that they require.

High Tech Housing Units For People With Disability

12 August 2019

Offering people with disability an alternative to living in aged-care homes, high tech housing units have been designed with the aim of accommodating participants through interim periods as their permanent homes are fitted with the required upgrades.

Sydney Charity Resources Help The Homeless Access NDIS Support

12 August 2019

Independent Community Living Australia (ICLA) have developed a number of resources to assist front line services through the process of helping the homeless gain better understanding and access to NDIS support for mental health.

Liveable Housing Discounts For Brisbane Developers

12 August 2019

A new incentive has been introduced in Brisbane where developers will be able to apply for discounts when building homes for the elderly or for people with disability.

A Device that Takes Wheelchair Access To New Levels

23 July 2019

Introducing Gecko Tracks, a user-friendly device created for smoother wheelchair operation across various terrains now opens up to improved beach access for people who use wheelchairs.

Apple Introduces Disability-Themed Emojis

22 July 2019

Soon to be available later this year as part of 59 new emoji designs, Apple have created a number of disability-themed emojis.

$700 Million Guaranteed For VIC

18 July 2019

Following the agreement signed by Premier Daniel Andrews and Prime Minister Scott Morrison, the NDIS will receive $700 million in funding to further improve the levels of service for people with disability in Victoria.

Is there A Connection Between Gut Health and Autism?

05 July 2019

Insights into the link between gut health and the mind. Researchers continue to seek new ways of improving quality of life for people with autism in addressing their symptoms by way of improved gut health.

Neurodiversity - Opening Doors to Employment Opportunities

05 July 2019

The American IT company, IBM, sees a world of potential in people with autism, from attention to detail to pattern recognition. The organisation recently ran a four-week neurodiversity program in Australia for the first time, opening up to potential employment opportunities for participants.