Top Tuesday NDIS News and Resources!

There's more to be excited about on Tuesdays aside from half-price movie tickets! Check out the latest NDIS news and free resources.

NDIS News - Friday Frenzy!

Happy TGIF! Just like us, you're probably all psyched for the weekend. You've been working so hard, you deserve some treats: NDIS News; NDP Virtual Conference; and FREE resources.

NDIS Updates - Busy, busy, busy...

Been busy at work lately? Haven't had much time to catch up on what's happening with the NDIS? Don't worry, we've gathered all the news updates and free resources you need to know about!

News in 90 seconds - NDIS updates, new resources and events

To celebrate the arrival of spring, we're releasing new enhancements to the NDP website. This edition also includes registration details for our October virtual conference (FREE for NDP members), a new 'speed dating' networking event, a series of Plain English fact sheets, and the launch of our new NDIS & Sole Traders online Hub!

NDIS News - Gearing up for the week!

Returning to work after the weekend can often feel like climbing Mount Everest. Here's some news, events, resources, and virtual conference to help you gear up for the week.

NDIS News - Keep your eye on the ball!

Sometimes the NDIS changes can feel like Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal's topspin - they're fast and can be confusing. You can end up missing them or making an error. If you want to keep up, you need to be agile and ready. But you are not alone. NDP is here to help you access what you need!

In Focus - Virtual Conference Fever Ole! Ole! Ole!

We can feel the excitement in the air, and not just because the World Cup is on. This month, you have more than vuvuzelas, football, and the Socceroos to look forward to!

News in 90 seconds - Need some winter warmers?

We've heard so many times that winter is coming, and now it has finally arrived! In this newsletter, we've included things to keep you warm: new resources for providers considering organisational restructure; a fact sheet on how some Federal Budget proposals could affect your super and retirement; and registration for NDP's 'Working with the NDIS' Virtual Conference!

In Focus - Low Batt? Help on the way!

To help you power through the rest of the work week, we're boosting you with some FREE new resources: online learning modules, live and recorded webinars, and a heads up for the NDP Virtual Conference, Student Placement Hub and NDIS & Sole Traders Hub!

News in 90 seconds - Care package delivery!

We are nowhere near as good as a mother in giving support, resources, advice or confidence to help you become the best in your role, but we try! Here's our care package for you - NDIS news, free online learning and webinars, and something for mum!