In Focus - Virtual Conference Fever Ole! Ole! Ole!

We can feel the excitement in the air, and not just because the World Cup is on. This month, you have more than vuvuzelas, football, and the Socceroos to look forward to!

News in 90 seconds - Need some winter warmers?

We've heard so many times that winter is coming, and now it has finally arrived! In this newsletter, we've included things to keep you warm: new resources for providers considering organisational restructure; a fact sheet on how some Federal Budget proposals could affect your super and retirement; and registration for NDP's 'Working with the NDIS' Virtual Conference!

In Focus - Low Batt? Help on the way!

To help you power through the rest of the work week, we're boosting you with some FREE new resources: online learning modules, live and recorded webinars, and a heads up for the NDP Virtual Conference, Student Placement Hub and NDIS & Sole Traders Hub!

News in 90 seconds - Care package delivery!

We are nowhere near as good as a mother in giving support, resources, advice or confidence to help you become the best in your role, but we try! Here's our care package for you - NDIS news, free online learning and webinars, and something for mum!

NDIS News - Click or you'll miss it!

The disability sector is moving fast (not as fast as Usain Bolt, but close), so you need to keep up with our NDIS updates! This edition is packed with news, some great resources and learning hub additions, including details of our first virtual conference for disability practitioners on 27 June, FREE for all NDP members!

In Focus - Look what's hop-hop-hopping your way!

The NDP Easter Bunny has arrived early this year, but there are no chocolate eggs in this basket - we are delivering a professional development eggstravaganza!

News in 90 Seconds - Are you excited about Autumn?

Can you believe it? It's Autumn! It won't be long before the leaves on trees turn into gorgeous red and gold, but don’t let the change of season distract you from some important news this fortnight!

News in 90 seconds - Cure for your Monday-itis

The struggle is real. It's hard to keep yourself motivated when you've got a case of Monday-itis. But don't worry, we have some great news and resources to pump you up.

News in 90 Seconds - We're having an Oprah moment

This edition of News in 90 seconds is so full of news and updates, we have plenty to share around. But not just that, we're also giving fantastic discounts for a Connecting Up webinar, RedBalloon and Experience Oz; and a chance to win an iPad or a 30-day access to a Paediatric Private Practice Virtual Conference.

News in 90 seconds - Goals, goals, goals...

To help you kick start your 2018 goals, we've included exciting stuff - new resources, a chance to win a brand new iPad by completing an NDP survey, a gym membership discount with Goodlife Health Clubs, and an opportunity to join our second intake for our mentoring program.