News in 90 Seconds - September 2017

To celebrate spring, we present a bumper edition of News in 90 seconds. Explore two new fact sheets from Epilepsy Action Australia, a fact sheet on enhancing your LinkedIn profile, NDS’ Financial Sustainability Report for the disability sector, a webinar on Preparing Yourself for Private Practice, and more!

News in 90 Seconds - August 2017

In this edition of News in 90 seconds, we share new fact sheets from Epilepsy Australia, new recorded webinars, some important guidelines from the NDIA on the use of the NDIS logo and acronyms, and some minor changes to the NDIS Pricing Guide.

News in 90 Seconds - July 2017

In this edition, we share the results of the NDP Committee election, an NDIS pricing update, an NDS report on the Disability Workforce, new fact sheets and learning hub resources, an update on the NDIS roll out, and a lovely story about a guide dog named Brogan.

News in 90 Seconds - June 2017

In this edition, we are calling for nominations for two new NDP Divisional Committee members. We are also featuring new updates on the NDIS rollout, NDIS FAQs for Allied Health practitioners, and the Change Room workshops.

May 2017

In this edition of In Focus we bring you a range of new learning opportunities. From webinars to workshops - there is something for everyone! We are also excited to release a new guide titled ‘Get Ready to Assist Clients with Medication’ – free for all NDP members.

April 2017

This month, we are showcasing a new addition to our NDP Advantage program: The Entertainment™ Membership! In addition, we have compiled so great resources for you on top of some important sector news that we believe our members should be aware of.

March 2017

In this month's short and sharp News in 90 Seconds we learn more about the NDIS - numbers of participants in the scheme, their levels of satisfaction and the announcement of a nationally consistent framework for quality and safeguarding.

February 2017

Take a moment to see what is new! Download a factsheet or two, catch-up on what is happening with the NDIS, immerse yourself in an episode of NDPtv, skill-up with a free online course or view one of our on-demand webinars. There's so much more to explore. What's more, this is just the beginning! We have some new and exciting benefits up our sleeves and look forward to introducing them to you in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

January 2017

January is a great time to reflect on your goals, refresh your knowledge or gain new skills. Why not take some time to view our range of FREE online webinars, fact sheets, videos or range of online courses? They are all available on-demand for members via our website.

December 2016

We are quickly approaching the end of another huge year for the disability sector! In this, our final e-newsletter for 2016