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At National Disability Practitioners (NDP), we believe the disability sector is much more than just an assortment of people; we are a collective full of passions, ambitions and needs. We strive to provide content that matters to you, and take a tailored approach in informing, developing and most importantly, inspiring you.

So, what’s in it for you?

Your membership entitles you to many benefits, but here are our top picks that are FREE to access:

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Membership Packages

Receive information and resources that are relevant to you.  All of our content are available on our website, regardless of what membership package you choose. You are also able to update your package at a later date if needed.
  • Service Delivery – If you work directly with clients in a non-allied health capacity, this is the package for you. Examples include support workers, team leaders, advocates, case worker.
  • Allied Health – If you are an allied-health practitioner, this is the package for you. Examples include occupational therapists, speech pathologists, rehabilitation counsellors, physiotherapists, etc.
  • Leaders – If you manage people and have limited direct client contact, this is the package for you. Examples include executives, directors, senior and general managers and board members. 
  • Educators & Business Services – If you work in a business support capacity, this is the package for you. Examples include finance, operations, human resources, administrative workers, etc.
  • Sole Traders - If you are providing services as a sole trader or in a private practice. This membership provides you with additional benefits and resources that are specific to sole traders. 
  • Students – If you are full-time student taking a course related to your work / desired career in the sector. Important: This membership does not provide you with election voting rights.