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Making it easier to put evidence into practice

Are you interested in evidence-based practice?

Evidence-based practice is really important for disability practitioners. It means making choices based on the best available research and evaluation. To achieve evidence based practice, we must keep up to date with research literature. We need to know what works, for whom and under what circumstances.

However, recent audits of disability research in Australia found that the evidence base for disability is not fit for purpose and difficult to access. In other words, for research evidence to support our day to day practice, it needs to be more effectively communicated.

To help with this challenge, the National Disability Services (NDS) Centre for Applied Disability Research (CADR) is making access to research evidence easier for those working in the disability sector, as well as people with disability, their families and carers.

CADR has built a Disability Knowledge Clearing House. It contains thousands of disability-related research documents and resources. It also hosts a range ‘Research to Action Guides’ that analyse and summarise research evidence and show us how to put it into practice. The Disability Knowledge Clearing House is a central point for disability practitioners and all research users to locate evidence that informs better outcomes for people with disability.

Purpose of the Research to Action project

The investment benefits of the NDIS are more likely to be realised if a thriving evidence ecosystem that promotes innovation is developed. The R2A Project provides links to up to date, accessible, relevant, quality and user-curated information. Planners, LACs and others can access the information to support people with disability to make evidence informed choices.

The Research to Action approach starts with people with disability and other stakeholders identifying knowledge gaps and priorities. These knowledge gaps are addressed with literature reviews and evidence translation.

There is no other Australian initiative undertaking activities to effectively mobilise evidence about best practice and quality services to NDIS participants and other system stakeholders.


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