We will explore the capabilities required to provide good support for people who have Behaviour Support Plans and how this impacts the safety and wellbeing of the workers providing the support.

This hands-on, one day online workshop will equip you and your team to use this revolutionary technology effectively and practically within a care organisation or setting.

This workshop aims to provide information and unpack the process, core components and challenges of a Restrictive Practice Audit for disability service providers in Western Australia.

This Behaviour Support Planning eLearning and workshop will ensure you understand best practice support planning using a risk-management approach, as well as having foundational knowledge on how to respond to challenging behaviours and why they happen.

We invite Behaviour Support Practitioners to a series of four free professional development webinars. The webinars relate to some of the knowledge and skills needed to meet the Positive Behaviour Support Capability Framework. We hope you find them useful to build on formal training you may have undertaken.

Behaviour support providers (BSP) from around Australia are welcome to join NDS’s BSP CoP - a place to connect with colleagues to discuss common issues, NDIS requirements, share resources and PD opportunities.

This course will teach staff working as buddies to provide an excellent induction to new care and support staff, improving the experience of the person receiving services and reflect NDIS Quality Standards.

Are you interested in improving your practice to assist NDIS participants to build capacity and promote independence, understand Supported Decision Making, understand their rights and safeguards and create a circle of support?

Understand how to support informed decision making and what to document. This course will show you how to support informed decision-making.

Frontline workers, team leaders and coordinators within disability service organisations are most suited to attend this 2-hour workshop.

Learn what changes to look for to recognise and monitor any deterioration in someone’s health, behaviour or abilities you are supporting. Recognising and communicating change in those you support is a key responsibility in helping people maintain their health.

This workshop will simplify requirements and guide you through the essential components of a complaint management system to ensure complaints are documented, investigated and result in improved outcomes

This network will focus on health matters and concerns, including COVID-19 that disability workers and providers need to manage.

Network meetings bring people together and provide opportunities to support one another and leverage each other's knowledge and skills.

Co-designed and tested by people with disability, the Deciding with Support Toolkit is available for free. The resources are for anyone involved in positive behaviour support, including people with disability, their supports, service providers and behaviour support practitioners.

This essential course will simplify the way you document and give you the skills to document the support you provide in a way which is accurate, legally defensible, and improves outcomes for the people you support.

Businesses and organisations across Tasmania are invited to attend a workshop on Friday 27 January that will show you the steps you can take to diversify your workforce. Covering topics such as recruitment, legal obligations, supports you can access and best practice, this is a workshop you cannot afford to miss.

Emerging Leader is for new and emerging supervisors and leaders within the disability sector. The workshop focus is on the transition from team member to team leader/supervisor and some of the challenges faced in managing others and managing work.

Our Introduction to Emotional Intelligence program provides an easy to understand framework for participants to understand the building blocks of emotional intelligence through an interactive and enjoyable workshop on emotions, thinking, feeling, self-awareness, decision making and performance.

The Patricia Giles Centre for Non-Violence, in partnership with key stakeholders, is hosting a free three-hour workshop on disability and violence for those in the disability sector.

The NDIA invites providers to an information session aimed at supporting a shared understanding of NDIA payment processes, including provider and participant responsibilities. The session aims to assist providers to reduce potential issues when claiming payments for NDIS supports and avoid providing supports that are not funded by the NDIS.

This one hour webinar will explore key principles and readily available resources to support supervision practice in the disability services provision.

This course will teach you to successfully report, respond, investigate and prevent incidents to improve outcomes for staff, services, and the people you support.

Learn how to successfully respond and report to incidents to improve outcomes for staff, services and the people they support during this 2-part online workshop available from 5 June.

NDS is pleased to offer information sessions for Allied Health Practitioners on ACROD parking permits, Companion Card and Changing Places.