We invite Behaviour Support Practitioners to a series of four free professional development webinars. The webinars relate to some of the knowledge and skills needed to meet the Positive Behaviour Support Capability Framework. We hope you find them useful to build on formal training you may have undertaken.

This virtual workshop is an opportunity for organisations to send staff to learn practical steps to ensure a duty of care while supporting client choice.

The Conversations that Matter workshop has been designed to improve the ability of individuals to have authentic and effective workplace conversations - learn the tools for navigating challenging conversations with skill and empathy.

Emerging Leader is for new and emerging supervisors and leaders within the disability sector. The workshop focus is on the transition from team member to team leader/supervisor and some of the challenges faced in managing others and managing work.

This 2-hour workshop will look at strategies for capacity building with a particular focus on enablers to enhance service accessibility and minimise barriers experienced by CALD individuals and families.

People from CALD backgrounds experience multiple barriers when accessing disability services. This 2 hour online workshop explores the role of cultural beliefs and values, unconscious bias and different cultural explanatory models of disability when working with service users and colleagues.

Join Wesley Mission's ‘In Charge of My Money’ two part webinar workshop and learn how to manage your expenses, reduce your financial stress and make better financial decisions.

This interactive and enjoyable workshop, will help you and your team to understand the building blocks of emotional intelligence: emotions, thinking, feeling, self-awareness, decision making and performance.

In this 2-hour virtual workshop we’ll work with you, embedding techniques you can adopt to build your resilience in and out of the workplace, so that you can stay strong in tough times, leading your team and maintaining a positive outlook.

Let’s Talk Disability is a fun, interactive, half-day workshop that talks about lived experience of disability, communication and attitudes. The workshop is led by people with disability whose honest, no-nonsense approach will have you laughing while learning.

Would you like to improve your conflict resolution skills? Would you like to learn about health conflict and how to respond productively? Our Productive Conflict workshop will examine some basic communication strategies and will promote the development of negotiation and influencing skills.

This workshop is designed to enhance conflict resolution skills by examining what conflict is and how conflict affects people. You will explore positive and negative conflict and decide how conflict can be dealt with in your work and personal life. The workshop will examine some basic communication strategies and will promote the development of negotiation and influencing skills.

This 2-hour online workshop explores key areas to consider at the organisational, team and individual level when building a diverse and inclusive workforce.

The Royal Commission has highlighted the responsibilities of Boards and senior management for what goes on in their organisation. The Right on Board program, for Boards and executive, will provide an overview of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, as well as the essential elements for robust governance and management of quality and safeguarding.

What happens if your care or support is questioned? Do your progress notes provide evidence of your duty of care or is it absent, irrelevant or incomplete? This course will introduce you to defensible documentation and it will change the way you write.

This 2-hour online workshop will assist you to work effectively with language services and build skills and confidence in knowing when and how to use interpreters.

Do you want to embed within your organisation a zero tolerance commitment to safeguard the rights of people you support? Drawing on the highly regarded NDS Zero Tolerance suite of tools and resources, we can customise Zero Tolerance workshops for your organisation.