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A fresh approach to manual handling training

NDS Manual Handling is more than training workers to use hoists, slings and slide sheets. It includes principles of manutention, so teaches your workers how to position themselves and move their bodies to decrease the risk of injury to self and participants.

It also comes with some big advantages:

  1. Cost benefit
    No need to backfill a large group of workers - you can register single or multiple staff to NDS manual Handling to suit your rostering needs.
  2. WHS benefit
    Teaching workers to use their body properly in manual tasks means less risk of stressors and strains in their daily job. Less risk means better worker insurance outcomes and improved legal compliance.
  3. Administrative benefit
    NDS will handle all the logistics for you - simply register your worker/s and we’ll organize the training, material, catering and send you evidence of their training completion
  4. Delivered with practical experience
    Our trainer has over 30 years of providing practical problem-solving in services and operational settings and delivering training in a way that support workers enjoy and absorb.
    As a physiotherapist and an accredited L4 Manutention practitioner, Linda Chiu has worked in the disability and aged care sector for over 35 years. She has significant experience in manual handling training or support workers education assistants and allied health staff in manual handling.
This is a pilot program over two training opportunities, with further interests being gauged by sector take-up. It is an initiative of NDS and the SME CEO Peer Support Network, which with NDS aims to create partnerships and collective opportunities that support the efficiencies and effectiveness of running services.


Event details:

Date: Wednesday, 20 October
Time: 8.30am to 12.30pm AWST
Location: Safe Actions, 1/48 May Street, Bayswater, WA
Cost: $95 (excluding GST)