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Conversations that matter - In-house workshop

ZIntended to provide participants with increased self-awareness along with greater confidence and capability in having challenging conversations and providing feedback that has impact.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the nature of challenging conversations and what makes them challenging
  • Understand and manage fears around having challenging conversations
  • Develop the key conversational skills – language; empathy; listening; questioning; managing state; taking multiple perspectives
  • Become familiar with conversational tools and frameworks for having the conversations that matter
  • Develop the ability to deliver feedback with impact – both positive and constructive
  • Learn how to deal with difficult emotional responses

As an in-house delivery, Mark Priede the facilitator, will conduct a briefing zoom meeting with you prior to look at specific areas of focus relevant to your needs.

For event dates, costs and bookings, visit the Conversations that matter page.

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