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Leadership Resilience Masterclass

In this 2-hour virtual workshop we’ll work with you, embedding techniques you can adopt to build your resilience in and out of the workplace, so that you can stay strong in tough times, leading your team and maintaining a positive outlook.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe what resilience is and why it is important in your role/organisation
  • Explain the different types of situations that require leadership resilience and relate these to your own stressful situations
  • Identify strategies for coping with situations that demand resilience
  • Understand the concept of mental toughness, approaches to build this and devise an action plan for building your own mental toughness
  • Access further useful resources on resilience.
The Leadership Resilience masterclass is:

  • Fully interactive, so you can chat, vote in polls, ask questions
  • Personalised, the groups are small (max 24 people), so you can share thinking, network, practice learning in a safe environment
  • Supported by helpful learning tools, curated resources, and toolkits to take away.
So, let us help you build your resilience in this two-hour interactive virtual masterclass.

Who should attend?

NDS recommends that strategic leaders within disability service organisations are most suited to attend including CEOs, CFOs and HR Managers.

Provided by NDS in partnership with Cirrus Connect.


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