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Marketing your business

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Marketing Plan

Marketing is key for businesses of all sizes.  Businesses can utilise various marketing methods and strategies to drive customers to their business.  Developing a marketing plan can help business owners make sure that they have considered all of the necessary factors relevant to their market.  A marketing plan also allows businesses to assess the effectiveness of the marketing strategies they have put in place.

Understanding your customers

Every business needs marketing, whether formal or informal. Depending on your chosen strategy, marketing can be time-consuming and expensive. It is important to understand your customers before committing to any marketing activities so that you can achieve the best return on investment (ROI).

  • WHO are  your customers?
  • WHAT do your customers want?
  • WHY wold your customers want your service?
  • HOW would your customers find out baout your business?

Understanding your competitors

Do you know who your competitors are, what they offer, and how they attract customers? It is worth spending some time researching your competitors before forming your own marketing strategies. When researching your competitors, focus on the similarities and the differences.

5 cost-effective ways to market your business

  1. Be visible and memorable.
  2. Leverage existing relationships.
  3. Network with influencers.
  4. Send emails.
  5. Invest in online marketing.

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