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Disability Practitioners may decide to be self-employed and become Sole Traders. Sole Traders play an important role as they expand the opportunities for people with disability to have choice and control over the providers of their supports and services. There are many benefits for Sole Trader Disability providers, however, there are new challenges too. 

NDP recognises that Disability Practitioners deciding to operate as Sole Traders require significantly more information and supports to develop their capabilities as Sole Traders in addition to their capabilities as support workers, allied health practitioners, educators, or leaders. It's important that Sole Traders are afforded every opportunity to grow viable businesses so they can deliver quality services and supports to people with disability. Below you will find a range of resources to assist with this. 

Sole Trader Membership

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Small Business Digital Champions

Digital technology is a powerful driving force, revolutionising business, lowering costs, and extending reach.

The good news is you don't need to be a technology expert to use digital technology in your business. Much help is available!

The advantages of becoming digital include resilience and profitability.

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Connection & Mentoring

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others."

- African Proverb

Whatever work you do and wherever you do it, you do it better if you have a solid support network behind you. The people who work in our sector are fantastic at supporting others – precisely the type of people you would want in your own support network. The irony here, however, is that your strength in offering support can sometimes mean your own needs get overlooked. Our network of NDP members can enhance your skill-set and complement your networks of support. Connect with them today!

NDIS and Sole Traders

There are many resources available for sole traders who are NDIS Providers.

Resources include specific information about business-related aspects of being an NDIS provider, such as pricing and planning. 

Visit the NDIS and Sole Traders area.

Learn Skills to Grow your Business

Here you'll find more details on the following topics:

Business Essentials

  • ABNs, GST and Employer - PDF / DOC
  • Business Structures - PDF / DOC
  • Costs of Services and Forecasting - PDF / DOC
  • Business Planning PDF / DOC
  • Marketing your business PDF / DOC 

Useful Resources:

Caring for Yourself

“Research has shown that small business owners have an increased risk of mental ill-health due to the unique range of stressors they face; such as long working hours, feeling obliged to work when sick, multiple responsibilities, and financial stress.”

The decision to start a small business to deliver disability services is an important one. The benefits are considerable but so are the challenges. The new Ahead for Business digital hub is part of a national strategy designed to support small business owners in every setting. 

Find out more here. 

Learn Skills in Disability Practice

NDP has established a tailored Sole Trader membership package which includes additional benefits to support these members, such as:

1. Free business consultation

NDP has partnered with an accountancy and consultancy firm to develop NDIS and business advice specifically for Disability Sole Traders. Nexia is offering a free 20-minute consultation for all NDP Sole Trader members.

2. Discounted insurance

NDP has partnered with Gallagher to develop an insurance product specifically for Disability Sole Traders. Gallagher is offering consultation for all NDP Sole Trader members.

3. Small Business Digital Champion supports

NDP has partnered with the Small Business Digital Champions initiative to support you in adopting IT solutions to improve your business; increasing your marketing efforts and decreasing the cost of operation. 




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