We invite you to become involved in exploring real solutions, ideas and activities that will bring about changes to the ACT Disability Workforce. The Workforce Impact Collective Pilot Funding Program gives you the opportunity to test innovative ideas and concepts to ultimately grow the capacity and capability of the workforce, thus improving the lives of those who live with a disability, their families and carers. The program is open to individuals, groups and organisations, but may also include collaborations between multiple parties. You are encouraged to talk to us about your ideas, however big or small they may be.

WIC Pilot of the Month

Communication - a partnership with service users (Run by Sharing Places Inc.)
Communication Pilot   Communication Group

Lucinda will benefit from 
improved communication

  Manpreet Kaur, Mary-Ann Kal and Kylie Stokes
from Sharing Places

This exciting WIC Pilot run by Sharing Places Inc., the leading specialist service in the ACT committed to supporting people with disabilities and high and complex support needs, focusses on finding ways to optimise communication between support workers and people living with a disability (and their families/carers).

The first stage of the pilot has commenced, with information being gathered from support workers and service users via questionnaires, focus groups, and feedback on existing and new communication channels and methods. Once this research stage is complete, the Sharing Places (SP) Project Team of Manpreet (Pilot Coordinator), Mary-Ann (Program Manager-SP) and Kylie (Executive Director-SP) will be enlisting the support of IT and Communications specialists to help them develop innovative communications tools. 

Other Pilots

The Mature Aged Workers Pilot (Run by Achieve By Design)
Mature Aged Workers Information Session   David Hill and Susan Beaumont
Mature Aged Worker Information Session   
Project leads David Hill and Susan Beaumont

Research shows that the secret to ageing well is staying active, connected and engaged in meaningful activity. Project leads David Hill and Susan Beaumont are showing that the disability sector presents a great opportunity for mature aged men and women. Their innovative WIC project aims to encourage people aged 55 and above to consider frontline disability support work, regardless of their previous work experience.

In Stage 1 of the project, through interviews, workshops and information sessions, mature aged people have heard about the many opportunities for flexible and meaningful work in the disability sector, and have responded very positively. Stage 2 of the project will give participants an opportunity to meet disability employers and explore training and employment pathways.


 Roles Based Recruitment (led by Imagine More)

This innovative pilot aims to expand the disability workforce by focussing on recruiting disability support workers based on the theory of ‘social role valorisation’. It is anticipated that people who otherwise may not have considered work in disability support will be attracted to the role via a special recruitment process. This will lead to a wider demographic of people becoming part of the frontline disability workforce in the ACT, such as sports coaches and job mentors. Imagine More will be developing a framework for families to use to recruit for role-based jobs, and will then trial and evaluate the process.

User-Support Network (led by Achieve by Design)

The User-Support Network pilot is based on a co-operative labour pool model whereby people with disabilities (who are self-managed or plan-managed) are able to call on each other’s support workers when their own might be unavailable. Clients will have replacement support workers who they might call on regularly, and therefore will have stronger relationships with them. The model will also provide excellent opportunities for support workers by providing them with greater opportunities for increased work hours, greater variety in their work, and peer support and training opportunities. In this innovative pilot, Achieve by Design will be calling on plan-managed and self-managed people with a disability to assist in the co-design of the model and testing of the same.

CALD Support Workers Pilot (led by Uniting Care- Kippax)

This exciting pilot led by Uniting Care- Kippax focuses on increasing the capacity of the ACT disability workforce by providing work pathways for people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds. These people can often come up against significant challenges to gaining employment and the pilot will support them to become ready to commence training in disability support work. Increasing the representation of people with CALD backgrounds in the disability workforce will also provide greater opportunities to match people with disabilities with workers from the same cultural background.

Participant- Led Videos (led by Summer Foundation)

Many people with a disability and cognitive-communication impairment are unable to provide direction and feedback to support workers ‘in the moment’. Participant-led videos overcome this barrier by enabling the person with a disability to tell their “story” to new support staff via a video that they have been assisted to create. In this pilot, Summer Foundation will be expanding on the project work done in 2018, funded through the Innovative Workforce Grant, in order to develop an additional resource to guide people in the most effective way to share and use their training video and also to train ACT disability & health sector professionals and support coordinators in the use of the participant-led video process and tools. The pilot will also include the development of a communication and engagement strategy to inform NDIS participants of PLVs and how they can achieve funding for support they need to make these in their NDIS plans. It will also connect them to the practitioners who have completed the training in the ACT and fund the cost of practitioner time to support the development of 15 PLVs.

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