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Invoicing for NDIS services

handbooks smallGo to the Handbooks Page to download the Invoicing for NDIS Services handbook, invoice template and a sample invoice. (Free for NSW sole traders and NDP Sole Trader members.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more.)


What to include on your invoices

Invoices for services provided to NDIS participants will be prepared in the same way as an invoice would be prepared for any other customer. There are a few inclusions that providers need to make to ensure that their invoices can be quickly and easily processed and paid.

The information that should be included on a provider’s invoice is:

  • ABN
  • Contact information of provider
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Participant’s details (if available)
  • Participant’s NDIS number
  • Payment terms
  • Due Date
  • Item description
  • Invoice total amount
  • GST component if applicable
  • Quantity of service/s provided **
  • Unit price of service/s provided **
  • Support item number **
  • Dates of service delivery **

Important Note:

** These items are NDIS specific inclusions that providers need to include on their invoices. Both participants and providers will use the information in bold to submit Payment Requests, so it is important that these areas are accurate.

Do I need to charge GST?

Supply of supports and services to NDIS participants may be GST free. The GST free status will depend on the type of support that is being provided and whether the provider is receiving government funding. Providers will need to refer to the Australian Taxation Office’s resources on the NDIS and GST for in-depth information about GST liabilities for recipients of government funding. View these resources on the ATO website.

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