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If you support people with communication support needs, these resources may help you communicate about COVID-19 and vaccination.

The resources include a Social script, Key word signs, Easy English, and Visual schedule. These resources were created by Scope Australia.

You can download each resource here or visit Scope Australia's resources page.


Social Script

You can read this script with a person who has communication support needs to help them understand vaccination and feel less anxious.

Download the Social Script


Key Word Signs

This information poster shows you how to make the key word signs to communicate about COVID-19 and vaccination.


Download the keyword signs


Easy English

The Easy English booklet here can help ypu communicate with people with low literacy, intellectual disability, or those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Download the Easy English 


Visual Schedule

This shows each step in the vaccination appointment. Take it with you and refer to it to remind them everything is under control and what is hapoening.

Download the visual schedule


 See also  Scope's broader Covid communication resources