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Refunds may be made in the following circumstances only:

  1. Errors in Amount Paid: Should an error be made in the amount of any payments, you have 60 days in which to notify NDP of the error. A small processing fee may apply.

  2. Errors by Us: Should an error be made by NDP or its financial institution(s), full refunds will be made immediately upon notification of the error and all costs will be borne by NDP.

All requests for refunds must be made in writing and forwarded as follows:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

National Disability Practitioners
Executive Officer
GPO Box 2687

P: 02 9256 3111

F: 02 9256 3123

The request should have the details of the initial payment including the date, amount, name of the Member or purchaser, the receipt number and the nature of the error. Should the refund be approved, any original receipt issued for the incorrect amount immediately becomes void and invalid. A new receipt will be issued where applicable.

Requests for refunds will be acknowledged through email within 48 hours of receipt and NDP will endeavor to process and transact within 14 working days of the acknowledged date.