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Melba support worker recognised with national award

08 December 2022

Ahmad Alhamid was announced as the winner of the 2022 Workmate of the Year Award by the National Disability Practitioners on Tuesday 15 November, recognised for their incredible contribution to people with a disability.

Who can get a COVID vaccine and how to book in your state or territory

16 August 2021

There's been widespread confusion as to who can get a COVID vaccine. The rules have changed over time and they vary across each state and territory. Here's a breakdown to check if you are eligible, how to book an appointment and where you can get vaccinated, as well as how many other people have had a shot.

‘Abject failure’: only 999 out of 26,000 Australian disability care residents vaccinated

19 May 2021

Disability royal commission hears just 253 residents nationwide have been vaccinated since 21 April despite being in 1a phase of the rollout.

Special hearing into very low rates of vaccinations in disability sector

01 May 2021

The disability royal commission has heard widespread concern over the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, after only 93 of more than 6,000 disability residential facilities received their first dose about two months into the program.

Disability royal commission must be extended, advocates say

22 April 2021

Disability groups have renewed calls for a 17-month extension to the disability royal commission, warning there is not enough time left for the inquiry to conduct its investigations thoroughly given the delays caused by COVID-19.

Disability support staff in great demand as advocates warn tens of thousands more needed

12 April 2021

For many Australians living with a disability, the assistance of support workers is critical in their everyday lives. But advocates are concerned about a growing shortage of disability support staff, warning tens of thousands of more workers are needed to keep up with the demand.

Call for multicultural Australians to share stories

10 March 2021

The inquiry has issued a callout for people to share their attitudes and understanding of disability within culturally and linguistically diverse communities. Responses encouraged by 11 June 2021.

COVID Vaccine Roll-out Starts Today

22 February 2021

The first phase of the coronavirus vaccination program begins today in NSW and Victoria, with other States to follow.

Everything about us, without us

21 February 2021

People with disabilities are underrepresented as witnesses in the disability royal commission. Share your experiences

New Early Childhood provider report form available

22 September 2020

The NDIA has developed a new resource to help Early Childhood providers to write reports for us about the progress of child participants aged under seven years.