National Disability Practitioners (NDP) has a broad range of members. We exist to support those in service delivery, allied health, educators, business leaders, sole traders, and students looking for a meaingful career in the care sector.

From time-to-time, NDP develops projects for specific groups. We also actively support projects developed by other organisations for use in the disability sector.

Some of these projects are listed below.

If you are interested in partnering with NDS/NDP for a new Project, or you have a project you would like NDP to help promote, please get in touch.


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Small Business Digital Champions Project Menu Icon



Small Business Digital Champions

Small Business Digital Champions Project funded by Australian Government to assist small business and sole traders adopt technology for efficiency, effectiveness, and greater resilience.





Family Planning cancer screening resources



Cancer Screening Resources

Cancer Screening Resources project for support workers of people with intellectual disability. 

Developed by Family Planning NSW 



Collaborating and Restructuring for not for profits


Collaborating and Restructuring Not-for-Profits 

This course provides a step-by-step framework for determining whether organisations should be collaborating or undertaking a major restructure, such as a merger with another organisation and how that might best be undertaken. Developed by NDS and Baxter Lawley





zero tolerance

Zero Tolerance and 8 Areas of Empowerment

Zero Tolerance is an initiative led by NDS in partnership with the disability sector. It assists disability service providers to understand, implement and improve practices which safeguard the rights of people they support.

Visit Zero Tolerance