Registering as an NDIS Allied Health Services Provider in the ACT

Registering as an NDIS Allied Health Services Provider in the ACT

This webinar discusses the benefits of registering as an NDIS provider and the processes involved, including the types of information you need to provide at each stage of the registration process. It will be helpful for new graduates and allied health service providers moving into the disability sector, including those who are sole providers or working as part of an organisation. It will also be of interest to registered allied health service providers in ACT who are interested in keeping up to date with NDIS developments.

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Starting a Private Practice Series - Part II: Preparing yourself for private practice

It is no secret that the life of a business owner can be at times a roller coaster ride. Pressured to learn at lightning speed, make decisions on a daily basis, often regarding the health and goal attainment of others as well as our own. Working hours can be long and sometimes we may find ourselves yearning for a more rounded work-life balance. This webinar will help you reflect on the current skills you have, and those which can help you build resilience and create your own boundaries in both professional and personal life.

Starting a Private Practice Series - Part I: Creating your vision

Sometimes when we find ourselves in new situations that are unfamiliar, it can be hard to work out where we want to go. This is where creating a vision helps - the vision of a business consists of your aspirations, and a view of where you are going. When there is a well worded and thought out vision, implementation of the strategies you need to make your vision a reality, becomes much easier. This webinar will help you make a start to articulating your own vision.

A snapshot of the ACT allied health workforce

‘A snapshot of the ACT allied health workforce’ will explore the national and local workforce trends under the NDIS and what the future workforce may look like. Presenters Caroline Alcorso, NDS’s National Manager (Workforce Development) and Mike Field, National Manager for carecareers, will discuss:

  • The anticipated expansion of the disability workforce
  • Workforce trends in the ACT Recruitment challenges and opportunities
  • The effect of the changing workforce on allied health practitioners (and those entering the workforce)
  • Practical ways in which others are responding
  • The workforce of the future – what can we expect?

Note: This webinar is currently being captioned. If you need an accessible version, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.