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NDIS providers are individuals or organisations that deliver supports or services to participants of the NDIS. Participants choose their providers and a service agreement between the service provider and participant is established. 

Becoming an NDIS Provider

Learn about what providers do, including the roles and responsibilities of the Disability Practitioners working in these roles:

  • Plan Managers
  • Support Coordinators
  • Local Area Coordinators (LACs)
  • Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI)

Find out more about eligibility and the requirements of becoming an NDIS provider.

Choosing to register as an NDIS provider is a critical decision as it impacts in many ways. It's important that prospective NDIS providers learn about all the benefits of being registered. 

Price Guides and Pricing

Learn about the Annual Price Guide and Support Catalogue and how this is updated.

Accurate claims

The National Disability Insurance Agency monitors provider payment requests to make sure claims correctly align with the services delivered.

For example, providers should only claim for the number of hours of support actually delivered. 

Registered providers are responsible for making sure they are complying with the price limits and arrangements in the NDIS Price Guide that apply when the supports are delivered.

COVID normal support measures currently apply. Make sure you are aware of the start and end dates of the temporary COVID-19 support items in your area, outlined in the Price Guide Addendum.

The NDIS Price Guide also explains when providers can claim for non-face-to-face supports such as report writing. Time spent on general administration tasks cannot be claimed separately. See pages 15 and 16 of the Price Guide.

Visit the 2020-2021 Price Guide 

ABNs are now mandatory for plan-managed payments

Plan managers must include the support provider’s Australian Business Number (ABN) when making payment requests.


Providers must ensure all invoices include their ABN

It is mandatory for plan managers to include an ABN for all businesses unless the payment request is:

  • reimbursing a participant who has paid for a support or service using their own money
  • for a provider exempt from quoting an ABN under Australian Taxation Office rules.

Instructions for adding support provider ABNs to single and bulk payment requests are available in the provider portal step-by-step guides on the NDIS website.

The bulk payment request template also includes a column for the support provider ABN. The NDIS advises that when using this template, do not change, delete or rearrange any columns.

Some plan managers may have had outstanding payments caused by a system error. These payments have been processed and the system error has been fixed. Any new payment enquiries can be made through the provider portal.

Working as a Provider

Learn about creating service agreements, pricing, getting paid, promoting, and marketing NDIS provider services.