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Working with other organisations to improve performance

About this course

This course provides a step-by-step framework for determining whether organisations should be collaborating or undertaking a major restructure, such as a merger with another organisation and how that might best be undertaken.

It brings together the best of existing knowledge and theory on collaborations and strategic restructuring, presenting the material in a succinct format that is quick and easy to understand. It also provides a body of resources that users can explore when they need further information and support.

This course does not aim to promote collaborations or strategic restructuring. The needs of each organisation are unique and collaborations or strategic restructuring may or may not be the right strategic choice.

What you'll learn

  • Insight into the range and types of collaborative strategies and merger options available. 
  • A common language to discuss strategic options.
  • A framework for determining which, if any of these, should be explored by your organisation.
  • Examples of tools that can be used to analyse options.

This course is applicable for

  • Directors, Board Members, Senior Executives, and Leaders of Not-for-profit (NFP) organisations that operate in the human services sector including:
    • disability services
    • mental health support
    • aged care
    • community service
    • child protection
    • child care
    • other services
  • Also applicable to NFPs operating in most other sectors, including sports, arts, housing and education. 

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Penny Knight     Penny Knight  
     Managing Director  
     Baxter Lawley

David Gilchrist     David Gilchrist  
     Baxter Lawley

Scott Bywaters     Scott Bywaters  
     Baxter Lawley


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