Collaborations Analysis Tool

This tool allows users to capture the comparative costs of operating independently versus operating through a collaboration for the same scope. It calculates a gross collaboration saving per year.

Users are reminded that this tool is not a prescription for their organisation—their objective should be to do the analysis that is fit for purpose for their organisation and that will give them comfort to make a high quality decision about which collaboration option is best for them.

The 'Assessment' worksheet consolidates the annual saving results of all the collaboration options. In this worksheet, the user can enter capital costs and other one-off costs of both entering and leaving each collaboration. The user also specifies the assessment period in years. The result is a ranked comparison of the total net savings that could be expected to emanate from the collaboration options considered, under both best case (remain in the collaboration) and worst case (exit the collaboration) scenarios.

Collaborations and Strategic Restructuring for Not-for-profits Case Studies and Vignettes 

The case studies contain details and data to give clarity to the principles being explored, with the intention of enabling the reader to better relate to the material. The vignettes are much shorter, with the intention of dealing with very specific issues in a clear and concise manner.

Two case studies and three vignettes provide a further deep dive into various collaboration options:
  • Case Study One: Board Members & Collaboration – Framing a Successful Collaboration
  • Case Study Two: Financial Analysis of Collaborations: A Marginal Approach
  • Vignette 1: Cash Flow Analysis
  • Vignette 2: Merger Timings - The Human Factor
  • Vignette 3: Marginal Costing
To download the Case Studies and Vignettes:

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