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Cancer Survivorship for Primary Care Practitioners

Many people are now living with and beyond cancer. This course will show you how to provide effective survivorship care. You’ll learn about the psychosocial and emotional impact of having cancer, and the possible side effects of treatment. Provider: University of Melbourne.

Communication Skills for Bridging Divides

More and more, you are going to school, working, or living in communities with people who think, look, or have beliefs different from your own. This course will give you the skills to bridge those divides and find common ground. In this skills-based course, we will explore practical strategies to apply in your daily life to bridge that divide and find common ground. Provider: Catalyst.

Competitive Advantage: Using Information to Build Business Success

Apple, Facebook and Google are three of today’s most vibrant companies. And they have something in common: they understand that the value of their business is built on what they know about their business and their customers, and this gives them their competitive advantage. Information is the key to contemporary business success. This course is aimed at a wide range of learners interested in the way contemporary businesses use information to gain a competitive advantage. Provider: Future Learn

Google Digital Garage

Kickstart your career with an impressive digital certification. These free online courses will guide you through everything from search engines, to social media and beyond. Provider: Google

Inclusive Leadership Training: Leading with Effective Communication

This course will show you how the most effective communication utilises the inclusive leadership mindset of Empowerment, Accountability, Courage, and Humility and guide you on how to use that mindset yourself. Through research and real-world examples, you will learn strategies to enhance your communication skills. Provider: Catalyst.

Introduction to Data Analysis using Excel

The ability to analyze data is a powerful skill that helps you make better decisions. Microsoft Excel is one of the top tools for data analysis and the built-in pivot tables are arguably the most popular analytic tool. In this course, you will learn how to perform data analysis using Excel’s most popular features. Provider: Microsoft.

Introduction to Marketing

Marketing is a crucial function in all businesses and organisations, and is becoming increasingly crucial to success in our modern global economy. This course, regardless of your industry background, will teach you core concepts and tools to help you better understand and excel in marketing. A University of British Columbia course provided by edx.

Introduction to Personal Branding

Learners are encouraged to intensively explore themselves in order to create a personal brand that authentically and effectively communicates their values and professional gifts. Participants will learn both what personal branding means and what it means to inhabit their brand. A University of Virginia course by Coursera.

Introduction to Public Speaking

This course is designed to help you become a more effective and confident public speaker. It will demystify the process of writing, practicing, and performing a clear and engaging speech, work through the unique traits of verbal versus written communication, and show you how to prepare speeches that are easier to deliver verbally and understand aurally. A University of Washington course provided by edx.

Law for Non-Lawyers: Introduction to Law

Understand the common law system used worldwide, and your legal rights and responsibilities, with this free online law course. From a personal and professional standpoint, everybody needs a basic comprehension of the legal system in which they live, in order to operate within the law and understand their legal rights and responsibilities. To be legally aware is to be empowered. Provider: Future Learn