• Module 1: Context and Principles
    This module provides information on the extent of collaborations and strategic restructuring and presented five key principles for your organisation to consider.
  • Module 1a: Principles of Collaborations
    This section outlines 5 key principles you should consider when working with other organisations. They provide a framework that can be adjusted and applied to any organisation.
  • Module 2: Strategic Planning
    This module provides a summary of the need for good strategic planning and how to approach it.
  • Module 3: Language of Collaborations and Strategic Restructuring
    To facilitate the development of a common understanding of collaborations and strategic restructuring, this section provides a glossary of key terms.
  • Module 4: Collaborations ‘Menu’
    This module provides a list of the key types of collaborative activities that organisations can undertake.
  • Module 4a: Collaboration Analysis Tool
    This tool allows users to capture the comparative costs of operating independently versus operating through a collaboration for the same scope. It calculates a gross collaboration saving per year.
  • Module 5: Strategic Restructuring
    This module provides a summary of the key types of strategic restructuring organisations can undertake, when they are used, and critical factors for their success. This module also included a summary of the due diligence process.
  • Module 5a: Due Diligence
    This section introduces Due Diligence as a critical aspect of all collaboration transactions and highlights the key things that might impact the due diligence process.
  • Module 6: Summary and Next Steps

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