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Victorian Disability Worker Commission promotes benefits of worker registration

What you need to know

  • The Victorian Disability Worker Commission is promoting registration of disability workers.
  • Registration is free, voluntary and increases overall community confidence in the sector.
  • This article uses promotional material given to NDS by the Victorian Disability Worker Commission to promote the registration scheme.

Tanae is a proudly registered disability worker. And, with a reliable, engaged and invested approach to each of her sessions, those she supports feel confident that she is the safe choice.

For three years, Tanae has worked closely with Darcy, a 17-year-old living with Down Syndrome (pictured), supporting him to do the things he loves and building his confidence along the way. As well as getting involved in his favourite activities, Tanae has supported Darcy to overcome fears, such as tackling escalators, and build new skills, such as using a hairdryer.

For Darcy’s mum, Julie, it is Tanae’s professionalism and involvement in her sessions with Darcy that makes all the difference. “You hear stories about other workers who go out and don’t participate with their client — like it’s a babysitting service,” Julie said.

“Then there are genuine people like Tanae out there that have Darcy’s, and people like him, wellbeing at heart. That they want to see them achieve.”

Knowing Tanae is a registered disability worker through the Victorian Disability Worker Commission means Julie has even greater confidence that Tanae is the safe choice for her family.

“It shows she’s invested in her training and the quality of care that she gives”, said Julie.

Emerging from the 2016 Victorian Inquiry into Abuse in Disability Services, the voluntary registration of disability workers was launched in July 2021, coming in at the same time as a new Commissioner, the Victorian Disability Workers Code of Conduct, and a new complaints process.

The Commission believes registration increases safeguards across the entire disability sector, ensuring disability workers meet set standards and continue to meet them through their working lives. Through registration, workers can be recognised for the high-quality services they provide.

In Victoria, registration is free and voluntary. The requirements are the completion of a worker screening check, a review of skills, experience, and commitment to continuing professional development, and competency in English.

NDS has long called for a coordinated approach to meet the increasing demand for a skilled, competent and engaged disability workforce. Worker registration, when tied with professional development, is one strategy that can certainly help. Indeed, we support the recent Disability Royal Commission recommendation for a national registration scheme for Disability Workers by 2028.

Providers can encourage their workers to find out more and register on the Victorian Disability Worker Commission’s Registration page.

Article sourced from National Disability Services