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AI Now: Using AI in Care Settings

There is a great opportunity for care organisations to use AI now in a practical effective way.

This hands-on, one day online workshop will equip you and your team to use this revolutionary technology effectively and practically within a care organisation or setting.

Each participant will receive hundreds of prompts/links and other learning resources that will enable them to use this technology effectively at all times.

Key Outcomes:

  • Learn how to prompt AI for almost any outcome you want
  • Generate Care Plans/Case notes and enhance client care
  • Easily generate NDIS reports
  • Easily generate all forms of relevant communication in care settings
  • Minimize time with a range of mundane/routine organisational tasks
  • Maximize marketing & communications very effectively
  • How AI can be used to also enhance client care
  • A glimpse to the future

Workshop Outlines:

  • Introduction to AI platforms, AI set up, user interface and understanding
  • Writing and content generation using AI: emails, NDIS Plans, case notes, presentations, webinars, marketing communication
  • Enhancing client care using AI: current AI abilities, educational and engagement opportunities, future possibilities
  • Looking at Chatbots, Chat GPT and Excel
  • Generating Risk assessments, Quality assessments and policies and procedures with AI

Who should attend?

NDS recommends Team Leaders in Disability Support who use case notes Support Coordinators looking at NDIS plans Quality and Safeguarding Managers, Risk Managers, and Office Managers in disability settings are most suited to attend. 

Event details:

Date: Thursday, 14 December

Time: 11:30 am to 6:30 pm AEDT (Daylight Savings time)

Location: Online


NDS Members: $305 plus GST

Non-members: $405 plus GST