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Behaviour Support Planning - Blended Learning

This Behaviour Support Planning eLearning and workshop will ensure you understand best practice support planning using a risk-management approach, as well as having foundational knowledge on how to respond to challenging behaviours and why they happen.

The training is in two parts. Part one is self-paced eLearning. Part two is the live online workshop.

Who should attend?

Staff who work with Behaviour Support Practitioners to inform behaviour assessments and plans. Staff responsible for implementing plans, behaviour monitoring, and identifying when plans need reviewing

How it works?

  1. Register for the training.
  2. You will receive the eLearning invitation. The two eLearning modules must be completed first.
  3. You will then receive the Zoom link for the online workshop.

Part One: eLearning

Behaviour Support Module 1: 45 minutes

Completion of this module is to ensure attendees have foundational knowledge on:

  1. What behaviour support means and its benefits
  2. How to use a behaviour support plan in practice
  3. Reasons behaviours of concern happen
  4. How to respond to challenging behaviours and monitor behaviours
  5. The role of care and support staff in meeting the person's needs

Behaviour Support Module 2: 1 hour 

Completion of this module is to ensure attendees have knowledge on:

  1. Risk management role of behaviour support planning in preventing harm and minimising the use of restrictive practice
  2. Best practice elements to apply to behaviour support planning
  3. Aged Care and NDIS legal requirements for behaviour support and restrictive practice use
  4. Aged Care services — who to involve in a behaviour assessment, what to cover, and how to document it
  5. NDIS services — how to participate and understand the assessment process
  6. What to include in an Aged Care behaviour support plan
  7. How to use an NDIS Behaviour support plan
  8. Role of behaviour monitoring and useful information to collect
  9. Defensible documentation of a behaviour plan review and the process to demonstrate restrictive practice use is minimised, quality of life is supported, and risks are identified and actioned

Part Two: Live Online workshop via Zoom

The online workshop will help you to translate knowledge into practice, build and consolidate skills, and receive feedback.

Over two hours, the workshop will cover:

  1. Refreshing the key points to achieve best practice and legal compliance
  2. Case study practice of behaviour assessment and planning to turn knowledge into practice
  3. Discussion on decision-making in support plan reviews
Course elementsWhenWhere
Part One (eLearning) Available from Monday, 23 October eLearning at your own pace
Part Two (Live online Training)  Wednesday, 1 November, 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm AEDT Live Online Training (Zoom) 


  • NDS Members: $265 plus GST
  • Non-members: $400 plus GST