V-Resume is a free website for jobseekers living with a disability who want to try a different way of applying for a job – a Video Resume.  

The V-Resume website provides workbooks, videos and all the tools needed in a vibrant, simple, and positive manner. Watch the animated introductory video 

Here is a snapshot of the home page. 

vresume homepage

A Video Resume (V-Resume) is a short 1-2 minute video that can be shown to an employer. The V-Resume provides the opportunity to go beyond a written resume to introduce the jobseeker, their personality, and their skills as a potential employee. 

For the employer, it is a short and easy way to meet a jobseeker and break through any pre-conceived perceptions that may be hindering recruiting someone living with a disability. 

For the Jobseeker it an opportunity to identify what makes them great, grow communication skills, and build self-confidence in applying or going into an interview knowing an employer has already ‘met’ them.  Click here to hear the experience from our example V-Resume jobseekers.

For the V-Partner, those who support the jobseeker on their V-Resume journey, there is a booklet, videos, and plenty of advice for you too.  Making a Video Resume is a team activity.  Click here to hear the experience from a V-Partner perspective.

The website is for those with little to no technical ability and sets out Six Steps that are easy to follow.  There are plenty of detailed videos that both visually and verbally explain what to do.  So, no matter your learning style, technical ability, or accessibility needs, you can make a V-Resume!  

Go to www.vresume.com.au and start your V-Resume journey!

National Disability Services was funded by Grants SA for the project Video Resumes for Jobseekers living with a disability.  For more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.