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06 July 2023

Nominations close on 31 July for the inaugural National Disability Awards, recognising the outstanding contributions of individuals, groups and organisations working to create an inclusive Australia that values the contributions of people with disability.

05 July 2023

Supporting Choice for Cervical Screening (Supporting Choice) is a national project which aims to generate evidence about how the choice for self-collection can be implemented in different services and settings, to ensure equitable access and increased participation for people who currently experience barriers to cervical screening. This includes people who live with disability.

05 July 2023

NDS in South Australia is delighted to be partnering with leadership expert, Maria Brett, in their pilot Courageous Leadership project. The project will give leaders in the SA Disability Sector a chance to advance their professional development and improve their leadership skills.

05 July 2023

NDIS have released a research report called “Having a go: Making individualised living a reality”. The research focuses on supports NDIS participants use to build their capacity to work towards their home and living goals. The research is part of NDIS's work to develop a new approach to home and living.

30 June 2023

NDIA are making improvements to their new computer system and the my NDIS provider portal, to improve how providers and the NDIA work together to support participants.

06 June 2023

These resources have been funded by the Healthy Tasmania Fund through the Tasmanian Government. The videos were created for people with disability and those that support them.

01 June 2023

This ‘Speed Dating’ Networking event will provide the opportunity to meet a number of new people working in the disability sector in a short time to allow you to have multiple in-depth conversations.

26 May 2023

The preliminary program has been announced for the National Disability Practitioners’ Workforce Virtual Conference on 20 June. The list of expert speakers will cover a host of topics about recruiting, training and retaining a well-skilled and dedicated workforce.

25 May 2023

Disability workers who deliver close personal support to NDIS participants, contract COVID-19, and do not have leave entitlements, will be eligible for financial assistance through their employer through a new Australian Government initiative.

24 May 2023

The Ready to Go Home project has produced seven animated videos for service providers and support workers. The short (one to one-and-a-half minute) animations can be used as an onboarding or education tool for team members needing to prepare a person with disability for a hospital visit or hospital stay.