Using Linkedin to build your profile

19 September 2017

LinkedIn, a social media platform for professionals, provides an organised way for you to manage professional relationships. This fact sheet gives you some tips for utilising Linkedin to promote your profile.

Epilepsy - Safety

11 September 2017

This fact sheet details potential risks for people with epilepsy, and ways these can be lessened.

Epilepsy - Safety Checklist

11 September 2017

This checklist includes some examples of practical, simple steps which may help reduce the risk of accident or injury when having a seizure.

Exploding Myths About Epilepsy

18 August 2017

NDP has partnered with Epilepsy Action Australia to provide access to a series of resources on Epilepsy. The first of these fact sheets, ‘Exploding Myths about Epilepsy’ explores the myths about epilepsy and the need for factual, up-to-date information.

Observing and Recording Seizures

18 August 2017

NDP has partnered with Epilepsy Action Australia to provide access to a series of resources on Epilepsy. In this fact sheet we review what to do when observing a seizure.

Working Through Workplace Change

01 July 2017

Managing teams through times of change? These simple strategies below can help your team embrace the challenges, maintain a positive mindset and reap the rewards.

Embracing Workplace Change

01 July 2017

Overwhelmed by workplace change? These simple strategies can help you maintain your wellbeing and develop resilience during times of change and uncertainty.

Quality Management Part 2: How is Quality Measured?

01 June 2017

In this facts heet we take a look at how quality is measured by service providers. Standards are agreed procedures or levels of performance against which service providers can assess themselves.

Quality Management Part 1: What is Quality Management?

01 June 2017

In this first of two quality management factsheets we define what a quality service is, how quality management applies to disability service providers, the benefits of quality management and the purpose of quality systems.

Holding an event? Think about accessibility

01 April 2017

There are many reasons why you should think about access and how you plan to meet the requirements of people with disability. There are over 4 million people living with a disability in Australia. Disability may affect a person’s mobility, communication or learning. It can also affect their participation in events and social activities. We have a legal responsibility to prevent discrimination against people with disability.