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Making Effective Referrals

This online course provides referral guidance and tips for workers who come into contact with children, their carers and/or their families. Learn when to make a referral; where to refer - including Family Referral Services; and how to make effective referrals. Provider: NGO Learning Centre.

Mealtime Management 

The course will build your understanding of good practice in assessment and intervention when supporting a person with disability at mealtimes. It illustrates the person-centred nature of mealtimes and outlines how to promote active participation. The course focuses upon a team consultation, with ethical decision making at its core. Provider: NGO Learning Centre.

Observing and Recording Seizures and other events

Seizures present in many different ways. However, few doctors see their patients having seizures. A good eyewitness description can greatly assist with identifying the seizure type and will assist the doctor in diagnosis and ongoing management of epilepsy. This online course explains what to do when observing a seizure and is perfect for disability workers and health care professionals who need to ensure their observation and documentation skills are accurate and clear when describing seizures. 30-minutes course. Cost $44

OOHC Fundamentals: Legislation

This OOHC Legislation course identifies and explains sections in the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998 that relate specifically to the provision of out-of-home care services in NSW. Provider: NGO Learning Centre.

Supervision and Delegation Framework for Allied Heath practitioners and assistants in VIC

The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services in collaboration with Wodonga TAFE and Monash Health have developed a free e-learning module focusing on delegation and supervision in disability. This self-paced module is based on the newly created Supervision and delegation framework for allied health assistants and the support workforce in disability (Department of Health and Human Services 2018).

Supervision and delegation framework for assistants in disability

This online course provides examples and practical resources to help allied health professionals, allied health assistants, support workers, managers and organisations to safely and effectively delegate allied health tasks to maximise client independence and inclusion.

Supported Decision Making (FREE for NSW)

Developed and distributed on behalf of NSW Public Guardian, this e-learning module introduces the Supported Decision Making Practice Framework and discusses in detail the various elements of the framework. This course is FREE for people in NSW, and has several fact sheets that are useful to promote and practice upholding people’s decision making rights.

Supporting Inclusion

Learn how to create a space where disability support workers can think about what social inclusion means for people with intellectual disability. Discover some useful tools and strategies to support people with intellectual disability in ways that will promote their social inclusion. This program is based on the principles of person-centred active support.

Talking End of Life

TEL is a free online toolkit to help staff and caregivers teach people with intellectual disability about end of life. Each TEL module can be done as a standalone, or you can complete any number of modules in any order. Provider: Various Australian Uni Groups.

Through my Eyes – Intellectual Disability Healthcare around the World

This health course focuses on the stories of people with intellectual disabilities around the world, as well as their families and supporters. Learners will also hear from family members as they discuss complex care, rare syndromes, early death, and planning for independence. Provider: edx (Course created by The University of Queensland).