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How fathering a son with disabilities helped Microsoft's CEO transform the company

22 September 2017

Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella's oldest son, Zain was born in 1996 with severe Cerebral Palsy. Nadella said this is a life-altering event, which sparked a change in his outlook and vision for the company.

200 health jobs created in Central Queensland ahead of NDIS influx

10 September 2017

Hundreds of disability sector jobs will be created as Anglicare Central Queensland braces for an influx of NDIS clients.

School leavers with disability score a boost

06 September 2017

BUNDABERG school leavers with a disability will be provided with extra funding to give them a boost as they step into life after school.

Australian child life therapist offers specialised touch therapy to Indian orphans

04 September 2017

Illawarra child life therapist Kylie Estreich has been selected as the only Australian to travel to India as part of an international delegation that will help provide specialist touch and massage therapy to orphans.

Disability: Ask us anything

03 September 2017

As part of Disability Inclusion Week at the University of Sydney, they asked some staff and students who live with a disability to answer some frank questions about disability.

Disability service providers warn NDIS pricing could force them to shut down

02 September 2017

Disability providers are warning they may be forced to shut down some services if the NDIS pricing levels do not change.

Pump up the bass and 'shake the dust off the floor': the deaf are here to dance

01 September 2017

An organisation is working to change the live music landscape to make it more inclusive and accessible for deaf people.

Allplay: How a junior footy program is improving the lives of kids with autism

20 August 2017

AllPlay Sports Program provides expert advice and information for coaches and parents of children with developmental challenges or disability.

Australian volunteers making a difference for people living with disabilities in Fiji

14 August 2017

Australian volunteers recently travelled to Fiji to give advice to disabled children, their parents and teachers, in a program called the Disability Empowerment Skills Exchange [DESE].

NDIS decision could come next month

11 August 2017

Disability Services Minister Stephen Dawson says a decision on the National Disability Insurance Scheme could be delivered within the next month as local service providers and clients seek certainty for the sector.