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Australian company Sensorium take their disability-first children's theatre to New York

16 April 2018

With the help of one pioneering Australian theatre company, the world's first arts festival dedicated to children on the autism spectrum launched in New York City last month.

CommBank Not-for-Profit Insights Report

14 April 2018

This report by the Commonwealth Bank takes a closer look at the dynamics of innovation and how Not-for-Profits are investing in a culture of creativity.

Para-athletes' Top Performance at the Commonwealth Games Wowed Crowds

09 April 2018

The integration of para-athletes onto the main billing at the Commonwealth Games has been successful based on the reaction of crowds, changing the perception on people with disabilities.

Tommy Hilfiger releases disability-friendly spring line

08 April 2018

Tommy Hilfiger's new spring line makes dressing easy for everybody, including those with disabilities.

Making Donations to Charity Using Alexa

04 April 2018

Amazon recently unveiled Alexa Donations, a new feature for the smart assistant that allows users to donate between $5 and $5,000 to the charity of their choice, using their voice.

Apple proposes 13 disability emojis

24 March 2018

Apple wants emojis to better represent people with disabilities. The company consulted with top organisations for people with disabilities to put together a proposal.

Grants to help people with disability

14 March 2018

Disability support organisations across the State have received grants from the State Government.

Physical Communication is Universal

12 March 2018

In this TEDx Talk, performance artist and choreographer, Andy Dexterity fused dance, physical theatre, and sign language. He 'signdanced' to Queen’s iconic song, Bohemian Rhapsody, on stage to show how the deaf and hearing can connect through music.

Women with intellectual disabilities inspiring others to find work

09 March 2018

Alanna Julian and Ella Darling didn't let their intellectual disability get in the way of finding work. Now they're inspiring others with intellectual disability to join the workforce.

Include Us

08 March 2018

Women and girls with disabilities often experience multiple layers of discrimination. As it's International Women's Day, we want to ensure that all the women and girls with disabilities worldwide are included in the conversation.