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Google Maps-inspired app to help wheelchair users get around

12 December 2017

A mobile phone app that helps wheelchair users find best travel routes is being developed at Wollongong.

WA has signed on to the federal NDIS — what does that mean for West Australians?

12 December 2017

After months of uncertainty and negotiation, the State Government has announced Western Australia will join the federally-run National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Australia's longest running disability radio program

11 December 2017

Have you heard about the Invincability radio program? It's Australia's longest-running radio program made exclusively by people with a disability.

Jordon Steele-John takes his seat in the Senate

30 November 2017

Jordon Steele-John is the youngest person to sit in the Senate, and the only person with a disability in parliament.

What's The Best Thing About Having Disability?

30 November 2017

Young people tell us what the best things are about having disability.

NDIS: WA looks to join national disability scheme rollout, but sticking points remain

26 November 2017

Thousands of people with disabilities in Western Australia are set to wait weeks longer for the future of the NDIS to become clear.

Teen creates video game for people to understand his every day life with autism

08 November 2017

Australian teenager Brad is making his mark in the gaming world by creating the video game, An Aspie Life, to reflect on his life experience as a young person living with autism.

Community heroes receive top honours at national awards

25 October 2017

HESTA, sponsor of NDP's Learning Hub, recently recognised those who displayed outstanding leadership in addressing social justice in their communities, and developing services that promote equality.

Major changes ahead for disability support

18 October 2017

Disability support services will undergo a major shake-up as the federal agency responsible tries to improve the experience of participants and providers.

NDIS hiring generates job growth

07 October 2017

An analysis by economists and JPMorgan shows that virtually all the rise in employment growth this year is accounted for by women in the healthcare sector, with the NDIS by far the largest employer.