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QLD Mother Encourages Parents To Teach their Children How To Communicate with Peers who have a Disability

18 October 2019

Mrs Kyriacou shares her views on social media asking parents to better inform their children on how to show mutual respect and communicate better with peers with disability.

Updates On The Disability Royal Commission

01 October 2019

The Royal Commission will be carrying out an inquiry across the next three years, investigating issues relating to abuse within the disability sector.

Steps To Raise The Number Of Indigenous Employees Within The Disability Sector

27 September 2019

NDS WA have developed the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment Guide and Toolkit to grow the number of Indigenous employees in the disability sector and ultimately provide more support access for Indigenous people with disability.

NDIS Funding For Supported Holiday Services

26 September 2019

With the help of NDIS funding, service providers such as Ability Care and Holiday Options are able to provide supported holidays for people with a disability.

NDIS ILC Grant Funds Career Skills Building Program 'Rock My World'

25 September 2019

Running in Western Sydney and funded by the NDIS ILC grant, Rock My World is a program facilitating a variety of team building activities for teenagers with hearing impairments granting them the opportunity to explore career options and make new friends along the way.

Aged Care Royal Commission: Measures Toward Prevention Of Youth Entering Aged Care

25 September 2019

Reports are highlighting the fact that a critical number of people below the age of 65 are still finding themselves placed in Residential Aged Care. The Aged Care Royal Commission have been notified by the Summer Foundation on this issue in the hope that this will put a stop to younger people being pushed into aged care and ultimately gain support better suited to their requirements.

AI Research Aims To Grant People With Disability More Independence

25 September 2019

Funding has been provided to a team of Loughborough University Academics to support their research for finding ways in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) voice-based technologies will improve the standard of independent living for people with a disability.

Share housing offers People with Disability More Independence

11 September 2019

Share housing opportunities for people with intellectual disability are facilitated by the Waverley Community Living Program (established in 1985). The program has helped give people with intellectual disability the confidence to move out of home and gain more independence.

Ben Gauntlett Discusses Aims To Boost Opportunities For People With Disability

11 September 2019

At age 16, Ben Gauntlett suffered a rugby injury that made him a quadriplegic – despite assurances the accident would impair his quality of life, Ben persevered and is now a barrister, Rhodes Scholar and has also become Australia’s Disability Discrimination Commissioner. In this interview, he expresses his aims to increase opportunities for people with disability.

New CEO of PWDA Strives For Disability Rights

11 September 2019

Lawyer, Jeff Smith takes on a new role as CEO of People with Disability Australia (PWDA). Fueled by his own experiences living with a disability, Jeff shares his story working with PWDA so far and how his legal background will serve him in the long run working towards his goal of improved disability rights, equality in the workforce and justice.