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AI Research Aims To Grant People With Disability More Independence

25 September 2019

Funding has been provided to a team of Loughborough University Academics to support their research for finding ways in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) voice-based technologies will improve the standard of independent living for people with a disability.

Ben Gauntlett Discusses Aims To Boost Opportunities For People With Disability

11 September 2019

At age 16, Ben Gauntlett suffered a rugby injury that made him a quadriplegic – despite assurances the accident would impair his quality of life, Ben persevered and is now a barrister, Rhodes Scholar and has also become Australia’s Disability Discrimination Commissioner. In this interview, he expresses his aims to increase opportunities for people with disability.

Share housing offers People with Disability More Independence

11 September 2019

Share housing opportunities for people with intellectual disability are facilitated by the Waverley Community Living Program (established in 1985). The program has helped give people with intellectual disability the confidence to move out of home and gain more independence.

New CEO of PWDA Strives For Disability Rights

11 September 2019

Lawyer, Jeff Smith takes on a new role as CEO of People with Disability Australia (PWDA). Fueled by his own experiences living with a disability, Jeff shares his story working with PWDA so far and how his legal background will serve him in the long run working towards his goal of improved disability rights, equality in the workforce and justice.

Endeavour Foundation’s 3700km Journey To Help People With Intellectual Disabilities

28 August 2019

56 motorists took part in the 32nd Great Endeavour Rally this year driving for eight days from Bundaberg to Townsville. Endeavour Foundation aimed to raise money for the purchase of new technology to grant people with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to learn management of everyday activities in a safe, virtual reality environment.

Bill Shorten Addresses East Maitland

28 August 2019

Labour NDIS Shadow Minister, Bill Shorten journeyed to East Maitland for the Paterson NDIS Feedback Forum, addressing participant concerns relating to quality of services provided by the NDIS over the last 12 months.

Sam Tait Has His Eye On The Gold For The 2022 Beijing Winter Paralympics

28 August 2019

Devoted to his career as a professional skier, Sam Tait persevered through his rehabilitation after a motorbike accident back in 2013 and during his recovery realised his vocation was to become a Paralympian. Now he continues to pursue his ambition of winning the gold in the Winter Paralympics.

High Tech Housing Units For People With Disability

12 August 2019

Offering people with disability an alternative to living in aged-care homes, high tech housing units have been designed with the aim of accommodating participants through interim periods as their permanent homes are fitted with the required upgrades.

Sydney Charity Resources Help The Homeless Access NDIS Support

12 August 2019

Independent Community Living Australia (ICLA) have developed a number of resources to assist front line services through the process of helping the homeless gain better understanding and access to NDIS support for mental health.

Liveable Housing Discounts For Brisbane Developers

12 August 2019

A new incentive has been introduced in Brisbane where developers will be able to apply for discounts when building homes for the elderly or for people with disability.